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Our photos are captured with a specialized 24 Mega-Pixel DSLR Canon camera which is 12x the quality of a typical time-lapse webcam.

Our specialized system can be solar powered or connected by 120v power. At IP66 rating, our systems can withstand harsh weather environments in any season.

Time-lapse photos are uploaded to the cloud via LTE network services. All of our clients receive a custom web interface to view photos and instant time-lapse videos  at any time, anywhere, on whatever device you have. 

Our team produces a creative and engaging time-lapse video with music, titles, and effects to provide a finished product.


Projects Completed to Date


Current Time-lapse Projects


Time-lapse Images Captured


Awards Won


A custom hosted landing page will be created and provide up to date photos and videos in real time
as they are captured.

• The website contains up-to-date live project time-lapse movies, a multi-function interactive calendar,
current weather conditions, an interactive location map, image galleries from previous days and more

• Real time high quality streaming time-lapse movies that are available for viewing or download by simply clicking a button on your custom website

• Supported on various mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, and various tablets for you to
view your camera anytime, anywhere

• Photos can be easily downloaded for use in project status reports, safety checks, progress
reporting, monitoring and more

• Website interface including layout, logos and colours can be customized per client's request. Additionally, the photos and videos from the time-lapse can be live streamed on the clients own website/landing page for leasing, marketing and stakeholder viewing.


Sample Online Site Monitoring & Time-Lapse Hosting Interface

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